Stella Toon 1

3D animations for the ( almost) poor!
Can you imagine this: BLENDER ( and Linux) gives you the power of making 3D animations that only some years ago, professional animation studios will pay a fortune, and will only run in forbiden price high-end workstations.
I've done the little animation above ( almost confortably, in July, 2003) with an "old" 400 Mhz Celeron, with a Geforce 2 Mx graphics card.
And, character animation is very "heavy" in computing time. If you want to make "just animations" ( abstract style or other), BLENDER is the tool you need.
So, what are you waiting for?!

This tutorial will show how to model a basic 3D character ( "toon style"), how to create an Armature and link it to the character, and how to apply constraints to it, in order to facilitate your animation work.
And, with the new 2.28 version, you can even add sound to your animations inside BLENDER.