Little OTO 1

Cancel your dates for the next...3 months, this is a complete, highly detailed tutorial on making a game (action/shoot style) with, guess what? Yes, the fantastic BLENDER!!

The goal of this tutorial, it's to obtain, at the end of it, a scene game more or less like the one in the image above, or much better I hope, but that it's up to you.
The "game engine" of BLENDER is quite sophisticated! A slow one, but sophisticated. Real-time lighting, a built-in physics and collisions engine , skelletons mesh animations and much more. And even stronger, you can use all these features without a single line of "code". Very, very strong!
This tutorial is oriented primarily for action/shoot style games, but most of the techniques i'll explain here apply to all kind of games.
In my opinion, a not well realized original game worths more than a perfect 56th clone of an existing one!
Well, let's start!! Euuh...where to start? Good question!
With BLENDER is quite simple to start and finish a very basic "game". But here, we'll try to get a more "modern and complex style game", like the ones we see in magazines ( but, for this, it's better that you cancel your dates for ...3 years).
So, we need to planning a little. At the basis of almost every game since ages, there's an "actor" ( character).
Honouring that, we'll start with the main character! Let's call him "Little OTO".