The Body 1

What I'll try to achieve with this tutorial, is :
show to people that have difficulties to imagine/draw models to her 3D work and to "comics/bd" lovers ( like me) who are fascinated by the "paper" characters, how to use these resources ( please, be careful with copyrights, only for private use).
This tutorial is not the perfect 3D recreation of a 2D model. The drawing will be only a general guideline, so, you can use a drawing of your own.
The model to this tutorial is Druuna ( image above) , a "comics" character created by Italian drawing master Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri.
If you want to follow the tutorial closely, click the Druuna image, save, and load it in BLENDER as background. I'll not explain in detail the basics of BLENDER. Please check in the Blender site the many tutorials about the subject.