oto the cleaner
Why I like Virtual Reality?
Well, there's nothing to clean!


Old, small paintings

Some works of the "Where's the North?" period.

Women portraits

Can't get some nice models to pose for your works? Just "invent" them, like me.

Ami II

ami-faceSame story as the one described bellow, but, in its original version: black and white ink graphics and Italian text.


ami-faceLittle story, "graphic novel" kind of , with a girl, a house, and, too much wine?!


paintings galleryOld paintings/New photos.

Nocturnes-XII-X-MMIV movie

Masqued heroAnimation movie "extracted" from the first Nocturnes real-time work. Technically quite poor.
AVI (8Mb) or MPEG format (4.3Mb).
Play it LOUD!


The power of vertex coloursYet another little "comics" story with a masked hero.


The power of vertex coloursAnother little "comics" story with a masked hero.

Animated "comics" story

Same story as below, but "real-time animated" with Blender.

To watch this "real-time" clip, there's no need of any install task. Just download the file of your choice ( if someone can send me another OS binary files, I'll be very grateful), and decompress it.

Blender .b file ( 3,6Mb)
This is the "universal source file". You can open it with any Blender version ( not too old) in any operating system.
Once loaded, just press the P key.

Linux version "bin" ( 5,5Mb)
This is an executable file. Gnome or Kde users can simply make a link to the desktop and click the new icon. The others probably must type the file name in a terminal or console.

Windows version "exe" ( 5,2Mb)
Acts like any program or game file. Just double-click over the file icon.


The power of vertex coloursLittle "comics" story with a masked hero.