oto the cleaner
Why I like Virtual Reality?
Well, there's nothing to clean!

debian logoImportant things first.

Soundtrack of a lifetime


Old, small paintings

Testimonies of an expedition to find the "North", or the "Graal, or something like that! Added to the works section.

"Game Level" tutorial

New tutorial about how to do a "level/environment" for a "game/interactive demo" with Blender.

Women portraits

Some little ink works.
Check in the works section, please.

Graphic novel II

Same story as bellow, but in its original version, ink graphics and Italian text.
Still in the works section.

Graphic novel

Little story with no action, too much wine and a text from master Gilli.
In the works section.


Once I've made some paintings, and, now, I've made some photos of those paintings.
A spiral path, like the navel?
Added to the works section.

Animation movie

Old animation movie based on the first Nocturnes work, added to the works section.

Debian 4 released!

State-of-the-art operating system (OS) for your computer (commonly known as "Linux"), with a collection of more than
18 733? precompiled software "packages" for FREE?!
Please check this great project, with an impeccable philosophy.

the Gimp tutorial

New tutorial about how to make textures to use with game characters in Blender.

New site

Oh, just a new site!